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Breakdown Boat Towing

Unexpected breakdown towing for Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River:


Scheduled Boat Relocation

A vessel that can be moved under it's own power but requires our Captain & crew to operate it:


Boat Salvage Services

Salvage services are quoted on a per needed basis. The client must agree to our rate before we start.


Scheduled Towing

Scheduled towing from your home or restricted dock to any other point in our service area

$200.00/hour (1 hr min)

Captain Services

Whether it is a new purchase delivery or you just need an extra hand, our Captains are for hire!

Starting at $140.00/hour

Special Services

Standby services, environmental responses, oil booming operations etc. will be quoted upon request..


Emergency Towing

Our towing services are being reintroduced into the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair for the 2024 boating season.

We do our very best to offer fast  response service but, towing is available on a first to call, first to service basis. As always, the vessel in tow agrees to assume all responsibility during the towing operations.

Environmental Protection

Generally, if there is a need for an environmental response, there is a need for urgency.

If we are called to respond to an environmental issue or a service where one exists, we will tend to the containment of fuel and oil immediately without further notice. The costs of these services will be billed to the party responsible.


Salvage services may include but are not limited too: freeing a vessel that has run aground, refloating a vessel that has sunk in open water, aiding a disabled vessel that is in grave danger, assisting a vessel  taking on water.. If you accept our assistance in saving your BOAT in a time of crisis that will be taken as your contractual acceptance of our services.

Environmental Protection • Vessel Repositioning • Salvage • Towing

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