Marine Salvage




Tragedy can strike at any time, anywhere and when it does, you need a fast, experienced response team on your side. Our crews will swiftly move you and your passengers to safety, then work diligently to recover your vessel until it is back on shore, with you free from harms way.

Have you run your boat aground? Has a wave surge washed your boat off its lift in a storm? The recovery of heavily damaged boats from private beaches can sometimes be tricky and Canadian Coastal Services is here to help!

Boats sink at the dock every day. Our team of marine salvage professionals will re-float your boat while keeping the sensitive marine environment in mind. Our central location to the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair lets us respond to all marinas quickly.

Salvage services are often required at a time of distress. To help you prepare for these times, you should understand what to   expect when the need arises. Boat owners, Salvors and insurance companies all play an intricate part.


As the owner of a vessel in peril, you are responsible for the safety of your passengers and crew, as well as all environmental concerns. In an emergency, you must act to prevent any injury or loss of life.


Our team provides salvage services under the International Convention on Salvage, 1989.

We will notify you immediately on our arrival if we are operating under a salvage agreement and your acceptance of our services will be acknowledge as acceptance under salvage.


In some cases we will work directly with your insurance company to get you up and underway as quick as possible. Ask your insurance company today if they will work directly with Canadian Coastal Services in the event of an incident and register your information in our boater registry so it is available when you need it most.

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