A canadian towboat on standby for Canadian Coastal Services wianting to provide marine assistance.

M.A.P. is a brand new approach to Marine Assistance. After 10 years of serving the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and Western Lake Erie, we think we may have finally devised a plan that will meet the needs of everyone. The plan is simple.


Your M.A.P.,


  • is 100% FREE to register. There is no need to pay any annual fee for services you may never need.
  • is honored by all of Canada's Towboat's fleet throughout the entire Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and the Western Lake Erie.
  • applies to boat towing, battery boosting, fuel delivery and soft un-grounding service requests.
  • provides for priority service from the Canada's Towboat fleet, moving you to the front of the line.
  • has no limit to the number of service requests you can make in a year.
  • is applicable to every tow you request, including tows from your home port to your choice of destinations.
  • does not apply to salvage services or services covered under third party policies.
  • becomes valid 48 hours after your enrollment.
  • can only be enrolled in online and is only valid for the annual boating season in which you have enrolled.


M.A.P. provides you with the ability to save your money until you actually need to use it, by charging you nothing to join. Then, when you do need marine assistance, membership has deep discounted privileges which reduces our normal hourly rate of $345.00 to just $99.00. Keep your money in your pocket until the time comes that you really need it. It's just is that simple.




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