Terms & Conditions

  1. M.A.P.™ provides membership services through Canadian Coastal Services™ and Canada’s Towboat® who offer priority services to M.A.P.™ members.
  2. Your membership is valid for you, the Primary Member and qualified family members that live at your same address only.  Your membership benefits are limited to the vessels legally registered and owned by you, the Primary Member. Proper identification along with the vessel registration may be required at time of service request.
  3. Newly purchased memberships become active after a waiting period of not less than 24 hours. New members requiring service after a 12 hour waiting period will receive a 20% discount for services normally covered by their membership when serviced directly by a Canadian Coastal Services  vessel.
  4. Enrolments may be cancelled within the first 30 days provided no services have been extended or requested. A cancellation fee of $15.00 will apply.
  5. Memberships and the services they provide are non-transferable.
  6. Services requested that are outside the Canada’s Towboat® service area will only receive membership benefits if the member purchased Slide-By Towing™ coverage at the time that they enrolled.
  7. Each service call is attended on a first call, first serve basis. Every effort is made to tend to your service needs quickly and efficiently however, the member is required to secure their current position by way of anchoring until our service vessel has arrived. Services will be rendered as available resources allow.
  8. M.A.P.™ reserves the right to determine the type of services offered based on the vessels requirements. i.e. a boat with a dead battery will not be towed if it can operate under its own power.
  9. Your basic membership services offer you a 50% discount for On Water  Towing, Battery Boosting and Fuel Delivery Services offered by Canada’s Towboat vessels or authorized affiliates only. All other services are in addition to the member’s benefits.
  10. Slide-By Towing™ must be purchased at the time of enrolment to qualify for free towing benefits.
  11. Members with Slide-By Towing™ are eligible for up to 5 hours of towing protection, anywhere in the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes from ANY qualified ª, Ontario registered and insured, commercial marine towing company operating within the parameters of the Canada Shipping Act, Transport Canada regulations and verifiable safe operating record.
  12. All calls for service must originate through the Canadian Coastal Services call centre to qualify for M.A.P.™ third party reimbursement consideration.
  13. Authorization to use a third part provider must be granted prior to receiving any services, otherwise the member’s benefits will be considered null and void.
  14. Slide-By Towing™ members may be required to provide, to the call centre, verification of the services and service provider credentials prior to being granted the use of a third party provider that has not been previously screened by M.A.P.™ or Canadian Coastal Services™.
  15. Members who require services from an authorized third party under the Slide-By Towing™ benefits must submit their invoice for consideration within 15 days of receiving the services. Costs to be considered will be calculated at a rate no greater than $240 per hour, with the service vessel travel speeds of no less than 25 knots to on scene and 6 knots to port. Calculated to and from the port closest to the point of break down.
  16. The annual maximum for Slide-By Towing™ benefits is 5 hours in any given calendar year for the member and OR the registered vessel and any member of the same address. These hours hold no cash value, may not be redeemed for cash and are non transferable.
  17. Third party consideration will only be given in circumstances where a Canada’s Towboat response vessel or a Canadian Coastal Services™ affiliate is not able to attend to the call.
  18. Towing from port to port, from port to repair facilities or from home port to another location are not covered by Slide-By Towing™ benefits, however they do qualify for a 50% reduction in posted rates from Canada’s Towboat’s fleet of service vessels, within the normal operating areas, for members in good standing.
  19. Member services will only be provided under the safe parameters of our towboat capabilities, during acceptable boating conditions.
    Services will not be rendered should the disabled vessel not be accessible without risk of damage to the vessels or persons involved.
  20. Services requested during time of small craft or other risks warnings issued by Environment Canada where a vessel my be considered in distress are not offered under Slide-By Towing™.
  21. Towing services end once the vessel has been returned to port. Manual maneuvering, mooring or positioning of any kind is the sole responsibility of the vessel’s crew. Our services end at the entrance of the destination marina.
  22. Salvage attempts, mayday responses and/or emergency services offered from a Canadian Coastal Services™ vessel are strictly elective and do not in any way form part of this contract.
  23. Fuel assist does not include fuel charges. Cost of $20 per 10 litres of fuel will be charged in addition to all member services. (price subject to change as result of current market conditions.) Maximum fuel available at any one time is 20 litres.
  24. Coverage for return to port towing in our serviced areas is for a maximum of 15 km from break down location to nearest port (or 5 hours as outlined in line 15 above). Distances beyond 15 km are subject to additional charges at the member’s rate.
  25. Billable services provided by Canada’s Towboat® to basic members are charged in actual time from the time the call is dispatched until the time the service vessel has returned to its service base.
  26. Soft un-grounding services will apply to a vessel who's hull is touching the bottom and is not in peril, not beached, has water surrounding all sides, has some movement , is not in contact with rocks or any other object that may damage your vessel, you are in calm waters, free from wakes, surf and water greater than one foot. If it takes longer than 15 minutes or requires more than one towboat to remove your vessel it will be considered hard aground.
  27. Vessels in tow that are not seaworthy or have sustained damages causing the infiltration of water or reduced integrity are transported at full risk of the vessel owner. Efforts to prevent peril are not covered under any plan and are considered salvage efforts which are governed under maritime law.
  28. Memberships includes on water assistance benefits while navigating the Canadian fresh waters of the Great Lakes only, no ocean or other inland lake/waterway coverages are included at this time.
  29. Members boating within the Detroit River but on the U.S. side of the U.S./Canada border will still receive services from Canadian Coastal Services™ so long as the final destination is located within Canada. Further, U.S. members will also receive service so long as the tow originates on the Canadian side of the border. Towing from a location inside the U.S. to a destination inside the U.S. is not covered nor permitted by law.
  30. Members are covered on as many vessels that are legally and verifiably registered in the primary members name and will receive coverage on each, so long as the member is on board. Operator identification and registration papers of the vessel must be available at time of service.
  31. Any mis-use of the members privileges will present immediate cause for service termination without any refund.
  32. Services requested for a pre-existing condition or reoccurring conditions are billable service calls and do not qualify for repeat services under Slide-By Towing™ benefits.
  33. M.A.P.™ reserves the right to cancel individual membership benefits and/or discontinue the M.A.P.™ program at any time with 48 hours notice with any contractual obligations considered rendered and complete.
  34. By enrolling, you acknowledge and agree that M.A.P. ™, Canada’s Towboat®, Canadian Coastal Services™, its employees or affiliates cannot in any way, be held liable for any damages incurred to any vessel, passenger or article of property being serviced and by entering this agreement you assume all risks involved.
  35. Obstacles such as, but not limited to low bridges, shallow water etc. which prevent passage or operation of a service vessel will signify the end of our service. Clients docking upstream of such obstacles will be secured at a location before reaching such an obstacle.
  36. Towing from one port/shore location to another is not included under the membership plan unless the originating dock is of restricted use requiring immediate relocation of the disabled vessel. i.e. a fuel dock where by there is no available space for the boat owner to manually relocate the vessel to.
  37. The member is required to use care and diligence in the operation and maintenance of the boat. Canadian Coastal Services™ may, at
    its sole discretion, withdraw a Member’s Service for abuses, including excessive use. The marine assistance plan and any Slide-By Towing™ coverage expires concurrent with the M.A.P.™ Basic Membership.
  38. In the event of an emergency, the member must contact the Coast Guard or government agency immediately. These member services are not a promise of rescue under distress situations. Services will be provided during the normal boating season under safe parameters. This agreement is not an insurance policy and does not provide for liability or damages arising out of injury to persons, boats or property.
  39. Canadian Coastal Services™, Canada's Towboat® and their affiliates reserve the right to decline services to members that are intoxicated and/or unruley. 
  40. All services provided to our members are included as a courtesy and may be altered or withdrawn at any time.
  41. Slide-By Towing™ members that do not call for any services during the 2021 boating season, will qualify for a $25 discount on their 2022 Slide-By Towing™ renewal fees. This discount is non-transferable, may only be used for the 2022 season renewal and must be requested at the time of renewal.

Updated 01/01/2021

ª Your Safety is our number one priority. Third party services provider must be verified by M.A.P.™ Canadian Coastal Services™ as an Ontario registered marine assistance businesses, carrying a minimum of $2,000,000.00 current liability insurance. Must use Transport Canada inspected, commercial registered vessels and properly licensed commercial Captains. M.A.P. reserves the right to refuse affiliation with non qualified operators.

These terms may be subject to change. For most recent version please visit www.CDNCS.com